With the way the world is changing, I’m so excited that more couples are choosing to have an intimate day. Airbnb weddings are a new trend that I’m absolutely loving! If you’re eloping, you won’t be needing a large wedding venue. So why not consider one of the many beautiful chalets in Quebec to get ready and elope there!? I’ve dug in the trenches of Instagram & Airbnb to find you some of the nicest chalets in the province, perfect for your elopement.

Best Chalets in Quebec

North of Montreal

Hinter Cabin

Dress hanging in Hinter Cabin, quebec chalet window

Hinter Cabin is a beautiful Scandinavian style cabin situated in La Conception, not far from Mont Tremblant. The cabin has large windows perfect for natural light while getting ready, as well as lake access with a dock and canoe in the summer. The dock is perfect for saying your vows next to the lake, or you can venture out for a hike into Parc National du Mont Tremblant.

First Look by the lake behind the quebec chalet Hinter Cabin

Ölch Cabin

Ölch Cabin is also located in La Conception, close to Mont Tremblant, and has a warm, cozy, Scandinavian style. While it’s a similar style cabin, it does have a little more privacy and a little more space! The hot tub looks phenomenal, floor to ceiling windows and instead of having access to the lake, there are beautiful views of the laurentians both from the cabin and a platform behind the cabin. The perfect place to say, “I do”.

Photos by Found My Thrill
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Chalet Perché

I originally found this little gem on AirBnb, but discovered they have a few cabins on their property! Chalet Perché is a little more rustic than the previous cabins, but that’s what I love about it! It comes equipped with a composting toilet, camp shower, woodstove for those colder autumn/winter nights, propane stove for cooking, drinkable water and firewood! It’s a short walk through a magical forest from the parking lot, making it a bit more of a “backcountry” experience. I’m obsessed with the suspension bridge, and it has the perfect space for a ceremony arch and table on the balcony!

Treehouse Chalet in Quebec with couple in wedding attire kissing on a suspension bridge
Couple at a table on treehouse cabin balcony in Quebec

One of my favourite things about this magical place, is that there is a beautiful 15 min hike to a lookout over a lake. It’s the perfect place to watch the sunset, or bring your canoe and go for a paddle on the lake! It’s all private property, so you basically have the area to yourself!!

Couple in wedding attire overlooking a lake at sunset

Les Refuges Perchés

This was another little gem originally found on AirBnb, and after some digging realized they have several treehouses on their property! It’s perfect for a romantic getaway complete with lake access and hikes on site!

My favourite is The Rockhouse 6, but keep in mind these treehouses are also quite rustic. It comes equipped with water, camping stove, woodstove and dry toilets.

Chalets in Quebec: Eastern Townships (Estrie)

The Hobbit House

As a major Lord of the Rings fan, when a friend of mine sent me the link to this cabin I freeeaked out!! It’s so perfect words cannot describe. It’s rustic charm means there is no electricity, equipped with a wood stove, dry toilets and all your basic necessities. I’m dying to pay a visit to the Hobbit House!! Perfect for the hobbit lovers looking to say their vows in an unconventional place!

Domaine Pourki

Looking for a more topical destination but don’t want to travel all that far from Montreal? Look no further than Domaine Pourki! These unique stays are located right on the water. My favourites are the Bora Bora Huts, but they also offer other unique stays and a small area for a wedding ceremony/reception if you’d prefer to have a few guests join you.

Chalets in Quebec City Area

Nöge Hébergement D’expériences

Couple walking across a landscape behind a cabin with a mountain behind them
Couple twirling in wedding attire, in front of a wood pile and cabin

La Cabin Ride & Sleep

A-Frame cabin in Quebec (Charlevoix Region)with hammock and woman walking by
Photo by Found My Thrill

Le Lagöm

Same-Sex Elopement Ceremony

Chalets in Quebec: Charlevoix & Saguenay

Chalets Saint-Félix-d’Otis

Check out this incredible video by Val & Thish for Glampsource! Who wouldn’t want to elope here after watching it! Glampsource is also an incredible resource to find beautiful and unique stays in Quebec!!


Boheme Charlevoix

Large luxury chalet in Quebec (Charlevoix Region) with a Porsche car parked out front
Photo by Found My Thrill
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Villå Børéale

Scandinavian style cabin in Quebec (Charlevoix Region) with ski lift seat in the front
Photo from Found My Thrill
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Repère Boréal

Domes Charlevoix

Charlevoix Dome, hot tub on the deck looking out to a view of the water
Photo from Domes Charlevoix

Chalets in Quebec: Gaspésie

Vieux Loup de Mer Bic

Tiny House Rimouski

Chalet Mylène Henry

Chalet “Le Bonheur”

Valmont Plein Air

La Maison Gaspésienne

Chalets in Quebec: Les Îles de la Madeleine

Les Rochers

I’m sure there are soooo many more cabins and chalets in Quebec to discover, so I’ll be back to update this list as I explore!!

I hope this helps you find the perfect accommodations for your elopement right here in Quebec. We have such a beautiful province and I can’t wait to explore it more!!


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