Capturing a surprise proposal is such an amazing and exciting experience, but even more so when it’s for your best friend. Kate was totally surprised by her partner Sam, when he popped the question during our “couple’s session” on Mont Royal.

The Backstory

I’ve known Kate since I was six years old. She would come over to our neighbour’s house every day after school and the three of us would play in the yard outside or work on crafts together. Growing up, we grew apart for a few years, only seeing each other at our birthday parties which we still invited each other to. We went a good five years only seeing each other twice a year! Around the time we both turned 13 we thought to ourselves, why don’t we hang out more?!

Since then, she’s been one of my best friends. We used to talk about living together in Montreal one day, and when she made the move before I did, I would visit her on reading weeks while we were attending university in separate provinces. Eventually I also moved to Montreal, and since then I’ve loved every second of the opportunity to be a part of both Sam and Kate’s lives.

The Plan

Last year, I bugged the two of them to let me shoot a couples session for my portfolio for quite a while. Finally, we set a date in the fall, Kate’s favourite time of year, and chose the mountain as the setting. Mont Royal has always been a special place for them to go and spend time together, so it was kind of a no-brainer.

A week before the shoot Sam texted me saying, “I have an idea for our photoshoot. Give me a call when you have a second.” IMMEDIATELY I KNEW. I was FREAKING OUT. It was happening. He’s going to propose! And I was so excited – before he had even said anything. LOL. I got him on the phone and he teased me a bit about how excited I was before he had even told me he wanted to propose. He then confirmed my suspicion and we conspired about how to set it all up. How to keep it a surprise, when we would get the best light, the kind of shots he had in mind and the look we would give each other when we knew it was the right time.

The Big Day

The day of, we had coffee and wandered around casually taking photos until we found the perfect spot, with the perfect light, just off the beaten path. Sam and I caught each other’s eye and we both knew this was it. So, he got down on one knee, looked up at Kate, and proposed. And of course, SHE SAID YES! We were all a little teary eyed.

I’m so so happy Sam asked me to be a part of such a special moment for him and Kate. To be able to witness and capture my best friend’s surprise proposal was such an amazing experience. On top of that, I gained another lifelong friend! Now, we’re all just counting down the days until their wedding this November.

Congratulations once again you two!


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